A Mania for Wearing Boys Clothes

Back in June, I gave a tour of MOHAI’s exhibits for the Queering the (History) Museum Symposium¬†where I showed the Queer history that is already in the museum. My goal was to show that Queer history wasn’t started in the 1960s (or 1950s or 1920s), nor is it something that needs to be relagated to its own special separate exhibit. (Although Queering the (History) Museum will be doing a special exhibit at MOHAI starting in February 0f 2014. And it will be awesome.) Continue reading

Odds and Ends

I’ve been putting off writing this entry because I don’t have much to tell. I haven’t been able to get to the Puget Sound Archives to find the photos of the buildings on Block 113 and now I have a steady job, so it is unlikely I’ll get there soon, which is unfortunate.

Also, I have done some research into the inhabitants of the building, but I can only check on genealogy websites at the library, so that’s slow going as well. Since I don’t have much to report, I thought I would talk a little about the buildings that were on the block and put them in a bit of context. Continue reading